PBA Season 46 DRAFT Requirements/APP. FORM (Local and Fil-Foreign)

December 04, 2020

*There is no specific definition or description of a Fil-foreign player in the PBA. However, based on the foregoing requirements, a Fil-Foreign player is (i) one who is born outside of the Philippines; (ii) is a citizen of the country where he is born; (iii) one or both parents of the player was/were still a Filipino citizen/s at the time of his birth; (iv) the player has applied for recognition as a Filipino citizen which was granted by the BID/DOJ, and; (v) has complied with the req. of the league.

1.) Bureau of Immigration (BI) Certificate of Recognition;

2.) Department of Justice (DOJ) Affirmation;

3.) Certificate of Identification (RA9225) in lieu of (a) BI and (b) DOJ.

*In the absence of no. 1 and 2

4.) Applicants Authenticated Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), if applicant was born in the Philippines or equivalent official agency in country of birth other than the Philippines;

5.) Authenticated Birth Certificate of the Applicants Filipino parent or other valid and authenticated equivalent document acceptable to the appropriate government agency;

6.) Marriage Certificate of Applicant’s parents, or in the absence thereof due to circumstances beyond the applicant’s control, Legal Recognition by applicant’s Filipino father or other proof evidencing filiation such as a will, record of birth or DNA test results.

7.) Duly notarized and/or authenticated Naturalization papers of Filipino Parent, if applicable;

8.) Duly notarized affidavits of at least three (3) persons residing in the Philippines attesting to the claim of citizenship of applicant.

9.) Two (2) pieces 2x2 ID picture.

10.) PBA Application Form.

11.) All other documents which the PBA Commissioner may require.

*Persons born in the Philippines with one or both parents (mother/father) are natural born PH citizens

1.) PBA application form

2.) Player's original Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) birth cert. (formerly NSO).

3.) College diploma if less than 22yrs. old

4.) Two (2) pieces 2x2 ID picture

*Required number of games played in the PBA D-League WILL BE WAIVED for both local and Fil-Foreign applicants in the 46th Season PBA Draft.

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