May 14, 2018

Nash Racela happy with KaTropa's early success

ANTIPOLO -- TNT coach Nash Racela was hardly worried even after TNT's first loss this 2018 PBA Commissioner's Cup to Alaska, 100-110 on Sunday.

"I think at this point, we should be happy with the way that we are playing, we still got three wins out of the four. So that's something that is really positive," he said.

The soft-spoken mentor took pride with the KaTropa's positioning at the upper half of the standings given the changes the team has undergone in the offseason.

Bringing in a few key pieces headlined by Terrence Romeo, Jericho Cruz, and Don Trollano, TNT has doubled down on its quest to inject youth on its already aging team as it focuses on its fast-paced system.

That's why for Racela, the KaTropa's 3-1 record could be seen more as an overachievement through the early phase of the conference.
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"I think if you look at all the teams, all are still learning to play with each other," he shared. "I think it's the same case with us."

"Of course, having practically a new team, we're still in the process of learning each other, so it's nice that we're able to still get three out of four despite doing that."

Rather than mope on the loss, Racela urged TNT to look at how Alaska is doing things, setting its foes as a benchmark for playing consistently.

"Alaska naman has been very consistent with the way they play, both offense and defense. That's something that we are trying to learn and kumbaga, be at the level of Alaska in terms of consistency when we play," he said. "Obviously we're not yet there, but it's a long conference."

TNT looks to get back to its winning ways on Friday against Blackwater.(DL)
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