Mar 18, 2020

NorthPort owner rallying behind government

NORTHPORT Batang Pier team owner Mikee Romero, as a businessman, is badly hit by the pandemic with his airline company - Air Asia Philippines - among those bearing the brunt of the measures taken by the government to stem the crisis.

But he's all in on the effort put up by the government. He's rallying behind it.

"Our government has spoken. I am not part of our executive branch. My family's businesses will be hit badly, but I am 100 percent in support of the government's fight. Like all of you, I am rallying behind our government. They cannot fail," said Romero.

As the leader The Party-List Coalition Foundation Inc. in Congress, the 1-Pacman representative led crafting their group's move to donate protective gears for COVID-19 frontliners.

The coalition is donating thousands of protective gear such as gloves, masks, goggles and personal protective equipment for frontliners at hospitals in and around the National Capital Region and affected provinces.

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Coalition members were mobilized via online conferences to make sure everything was done as fast and effective as possible, knowing the country is in a race against a deadly disease.

Among the recipients of donations so far are the AFP, PNP and various hospitals around Metro Manila.

"This is not a political fight. This is a fight of humanity versus the coronavirus. Time is of the highest essence. We learn from the mistakes of other countries wherein the virus has reached thousands of infection and hundreds of death. Reason: they did not take the virus seriously at first," said Romero.

"Our government's success is our success, their failure means the outbreak will be uncontrollable and thousands and even millions of Filipinos will be infected by the virus. We cannot afford to lose this fight. We cannot afford hundreds of death. Only in fighting this together can we win this biggest battle of humanity," he added. (SB)