February 07, 2018

Topex Robinson: We can't disrespect the game by playing lousy

Undoubtedly the hottest team in the 2018 PBA D-League Aspirants' Cup so far, Zark's Burger-Lyceum stakes its four-game winning run against cellar-dweller Mila's Lechon at the Pasig Sports Center.

Coach Topex Robinson warned the Jawbreakers from being too overconfident knowing how any team this conference can spring up surprises and deliver upsets.

"It's all about honoring the game. This game has been good to us and whoever it is we're playing, we can't disrespect the game by playing lousy," he said.

Game time is set at 2p.m..

Zark's-Lyceum is coming off a tough 95-93 victory over Wangs Basketball-Letran last Monday.

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More importantly, their fourth straight victory indicates the Jawbreakers (4-1) are improving each game, especially in their endgame execution.

"I know that now, we know how to finish games," Robinson said. "Games like the one we had against Wangs, it's makes us sharper. Natututo kami and we learn from our mistakes."

But while Zark's Burger-Lyceum looks to extend its winning streak, Mila's Lechon is aching to finally land in the win column after dropping its first three games, the latest a 58-70 humiliation at the hands of Gamboa Coffee Mix-St. Clare.

Axel I?igo and Ken Acibar will once again lead the fight for the lowly Mighty Roasters.