Jul 26, 2020

Beau Belga - The making of a future coach

HIS usual posturing on the sideline is an easy giveaway that Beau Belga is looking at coaching at the end of his playing career.

Fact is he's a bit into it as he's started helping out a collegiate team.

As among the veterans in the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, he's not keeping his thoughts to himself during the game.

He is a leader and leads by example. He's willing to do the dirty job. He's ready to take a hit and give something back. Most important of all, he's unselfish and would rather help make his teammates better for the betterment of the whole team.

And this is not lost on the Rain or Shine youngsters.

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"Si Kuya Beau ay isang player na kayang magpagaling ng teammate," said ROS guard Rey Nambatac, attesting to Beau's ability to help out teammates.

ROS forward Javee Mocon sees Belga as a making of a good coach.

"May vibes siya na nakakatakot but he's just being vocal to help the team," said Mocon on Sports On Air webcast of Miguel La Torre and CD Argarin.

Nambatac agrees.

"Pag-una mo sya nakaharap, nakakatakot. Later on, mare-realize mo na napakabait," said Nambatac.

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"Alam nya ang nagyayari sa game at very vocal siya. He's a pro at hindi sarili lang nya ang kanyang iniisip," Nambatac added.

In his 12th year in the PBA and with several stints as a national player, Belga may have seen it all.

And coaching may well be a good course to take for this Gubat, Sorsogon native once he quits playing. (SB)