Jul 22, 2020

The key word is discipline

AS the PBA takes steps for possible season resumption by September, coaches suggest the local league to monitor the NBA and the other leagues, and learn from their models.

The NBA is well on track in its plans, with 22 teams confined at Walt Disney World Complex in Orlando, Florida in a bubble that has weathered a number of obstacles and plenty of positive COVID-19 tests.

The Chinese Super League is another model, holing up their 16 teams in two venues that will host the CSL play for more than two months.

In the NBA that is restarting in July 30, there's no bench, the courtside broadcasters will not be courtside, and the stat crew will be doing their work inside what can be described as an oversized hockey penalty box.

Everyone is guided by strict guidelines and protocols.

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And so do all those involved in the Chinese league that kicks off Saturday. CSL clubs were warned their season could be over if they break rules.

Players, coaches and support staff will have their movements severely restricted for the next 70 days and when not training or playing matches they must stay in their hotel.

It's about discipline which PBA coaches said PBA personalities must learn, embrace and live on if the local pro league would succeed in its own plan to get back to play before the end of the year.

"We need to be patient at these times, make sure we take care of one another, follow all the protocols with discipline," NLEX coach Yeng Guiao said in The Huddle on PBA Rush.

Meralco's Norman Black and Barangay Ginebra's Tim Cone agreed with Guiao.

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"This is not going to be easy, guys. You're talking about a lot of people who are going to be disciplined and stay within that bubble," said Black.

"You're not just thinking about yourself but of others; you have to take care of yourself, your family members and you can't let anybody into your bubble because that may cause sickness. There's a lot of discipline that goes hand in hand with what we're trying to do," Black added.

"I think this is a great learning tool for the players to think more beyond their selves, looking at the big picture, remembering what this is all about," said Cone. "The key word is discipline and everybody's got to be disciplined and thinking about the next person. All for one, one for all." (SB)